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6 Update Hollington Village Hall 01.02.21


No 6 Hollington Residents Update

Hollington Village Hall

ZOOM Meeting AGM

Thursday 25th February 2021 at 7.00pm


In 1924 Hollington Village Hall, was built to commemorate those who served in the first World War. This is the only communal asset we have in the village. The Hall is registered with the Charity Commission, governance is through a management committee, who are also Trustees. Ron Read, Alan Hulme & Colin Shaw are the only remaining trustees registered on the Charity Commission web site. There should be annual AGM and at least two other minuted meetings, and a management committee of nine.

In recent years administration fell to Barbara Keeling, who as Treasurer, filed accounts and acted as general manager. She & Gail Shaw have run the 100 Club. Pete Keeling, Ivor Moseley and Ray Swanwick, have carried out mainteneance and emergency repairs. Our Thanks to them are long overdue.

In the last decade the Hall has been underused, not generating adequate income. The Thursday Friendship Club, Election Voting and the Dog Trainers were the major user, however the latter’s activities did discouraged many from hiring the hall.

Checkley, Freehay, Alton & Rocester have modern well equipped and run Village Halls. Hollington  Village Hall is the poor relation and now in desperate need of major refurbishment, (estimated cost of £85,000) There are many grants available e.g. STWA Community Fund, to access to meet the cost. During lockdown, Barbara received £10,000, from SMDC, which was a life saver. Checkley Parish Council funding for purchase of Tean Great Wood, will end in the next few years, it is possible this could then be utilised to refurb our Village Hall. In order to gain access to this and other grants, management of the Hall needs to be put on a proper legal basis

Cllr Pete Wilkinson is leading the initiative to re-establish the Management Committee and has sourced a copy of the deed of Governance (available to read on www.hollington.org.uk.) In addition he has secured a £16,000 funding from Checkley Parish Council and hosted two ZOOM meetings to discuss as to whether villagers want a Village Hall.  Participants at the two ZOOM meetings believe there is a need to retain a Village Hall, and to restablish the Management Committee, which can then by consulting and surveying all households in the Village, determine viability and identify activities to generate income

The participants at the ZOOM meetings wanted to ensure that all villagers be consulted and have an opportunity to volunteer and elect a management committee of 9 members. The next step is to hold an AGM and ask for volunteers for the Management Committee.  Given lockdown, the only way to hold an AGM of Hollington Village Hall is to utilise ZOOM ( Facilitated by Checkley Parish Council) Although ZOOM can be downloaded and accessed via Smart phones, Tablets and Face Book, there will be some not able to access ZOOM. Should you want to participate but not be able to access via IT , please contact one of the names at the end of the Update  

The object of this meeting is to appoint a community lead management committee; if you are interested in being on this committee then you need to participate, to register for election.
Checkley Parish Council with be facilitating the hosting of the meeting only via Zoom.
Alan Hulme will be chairing the meeting as a current trustee and will therefore be providing the meeting minutes should they be required.

Topic: Hollington Village Hall AGM,

 Time: 7pm, 25th February 2021

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 852 2695 1144
Passcode: 080447

Should you wish to speak to somebody for further information or as to how to access the AGM contact details are;

    (Parish Councillor)

(Treasurer Village Hall)

(Chair of Hollington Residents Steering Group)

                                         Please Note

Annual Subscriptions to the 100 Club - £12 per number are now due and can be put through Barbara’s letter box “Weavers Down” by the traffic lights.

The Parish Magazine during lockdown is going electronic, should you wish to receives a copy, please send your e mail address to Barbara Keeling

For Further Information check out the Hollington Residents Web Site